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… being the BEST in ASIA.

UniKL aspires to become one of the top universities in Asia by 2020 offering enriching University Experience towards achieving Academic Excellence and enhancing Graduate Life Success. After demonstrating robust growth in the past thirteen years, the time has come for UniKL to take another huge leap into the future, and position itself as one of the top universities in Asia.

las vegas movie,A world-class UniKL needs to demonstrate superior performance in several areas such as dynamic talent management, strong funding, effective autonomy, robust governance, and prolific leading-edge research teams that also contribute towards knowledge and technology transfer.

UniKL vows to excel in these areas via its differentiation advantage and aggressive targets in order to remain competitive and relevant.,border chinese new year

The University Experience describes the rich and rewarding campus experience that stretches from enrolment to graduation that shapes a unique and differentiated student’s life at the university, with engaging learning experiences, effective student interaction with the academic aspects of the university such that it enhances academic performance and employability of students.,casino games roulette online

UniKL is committed to providing undisputed and unparalleled Academic Excellence and strives to create an environment in which a student can excel in scholastic activities, demonstrate superior learning, and develop intellectual capacities and skills that gears them for the employment market and to contribute back to the society.,new sbovs apk

This is cultivated in an environment that delivers an educational experience that instils intellectual agility, inculcates an inquiring mind, imparts skills for lifelong learning, and prepares our students for enriching careers in the future.,citibet prize

brunei royal family instagram,UniKL is committed to shape and deliver market- ready graduates who can immediately step into the workplace and contribute their ideas and knowledge towards driving the nation’s economic prosperity. Employability is not limited to gaining a job upon graduation. Rather, it denotes a certain amount of self-sufficiency and implies the capacity of a graduate to function in a job, to move between, jobs, thus remaining employable throughout their life and also to create jobs from the skills and attributes possessed via entrepreneurship.

c8 jackpot,In order to deliver on the academic excellence and graduate life success agenda of UniKL, we must put in place the key enablers that will strengthen our operational efficacy. Providing for financial independence, revenue generation effort, brand reputation, maximizing the potential of the capacity and capability, harnessing the potential of the manpower and optimizing its utilization are the key building blocks.


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